Saving St Richard's

When the local St Richard’s hospital was threatened with being downgraded, Andrew launched a major campaign to prevent the loss of the vital departments.A petition gathered over 120,000 signatures, and a number of local meetings and two huge rallies were held. After a three year battle, the major trauma A&E department was saved.Photograph courtesy of the Chichester Observer

Sea Defences

The Manhood peninsula is low-lying and without sea defences much of it would be subject to coastal flooding. The previous Government’s proposals for the peninsula would have abandoned part of the coast to erosion, threatening homes and livelihoods in Selsey and the surrounding area. In 2007, Andrew brought local groups, residents and businesses together to oppose these ill-thought plans and succeeded in having the worst of the Government’s proposals abandoned.

Chichester Free School

Andrew Tyrie discussing the Free School with Helen Humphry, project lead, Maureen Doyle, governor, Stephen King, Chairman of governors, Simon Webber, finance governor.“The new Free School is a great opportunity to improve the quality of educational provision in the West Sussex area. It will give parents greater choice at secondary level and address the current shortage of primary places on offer.” Andrew Tyrie.