Chichester Free School

Andrew Tyrie discussing the Free School with Helen Humphry, project lead, Maureen Doyle, governor, Stephen King, Chairman of governors, Simon Webber, finance governor.

“The new Free School is a great opportunity to improve the quality of educational provision in the West Sussex area. It will give parents greater choice at secondary level and address the current shortage of primary places on offer.” Andrew Tyrie.

Chichester Free School opened September 2013, and caters for all children aged 4-18. Free schools are set up in response to what local people say they want and need in order to improve education for children in their community.

Andrew Tyrie, has strongly supported the project, and wrote to the Secretary of State for Education to highlight why a new school in Chichester was needed.

He continues to help the Chichester Free School team as they develop the School. You can find out more about Chichester Free School here.