Sea Defences

The Manhood peninsula is low-lying and without sea defences much of it would be subject to coastal flooding. The previous Government’s proposals for the peninsula would have abandoned part of the coast to erosion, threatening homes and livelihoods in Selsey and the surrounding area.

In 2007, Andrew brought local groups, residents and businesses together to oppose these ill-thought plans and succeeded in having the worst of the Government’s proposals abandoned.

He continues to work tirelessly to protect areas of Selsey and the Manhood Peninsula that are still vulnerable to future erosion from misguided government decisions on coastal defences. He is the Honorary President of the Manhood Peninsula Steering Group (MPSG) - a voluntary alliance of local residents, businesses and elected representatives, which aims to ensure the area is protected where appropriate from coastal erosion and flooding.

Andrew has been a strong supporter of the construction of new coastal defences in West Wittering. He is a regular visitor to the site and has met with local residents and community groups who managed to raise £600,000 to help fund the sea defences.