The House of Commons has requested that I place the following disclaimer on this website: I am no longer an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved, and I am not seeking re-election.

West Sussex MPs call for fair schools funding

West Sussex MPs have called on the Education Secretary, Justine Greening, to amend the proposed new National Funding Formula to ensure a minimum level of funding for the County’s schools. 

A27 upgrades cancelled: Andrew Tyrie comments

Rt Hon Andrew Tyrie MP comments on the Department for Transport's cancellation of the scheme to upgrade the A27:

"We have to try to persuade the Government eventually to return to this. And before we do so, we have to find a solution that can unite the whole community.

A27: Andrew Tyrie writes to the Secretary of State

Dear Chris

I enclose correspondence from a large number of my constituents, who are – understandably – deeply concerned about the proposals to upgrade the A27. As you can see, there are strong views both for and against a new northern bypass, and other options.

Andrew Tyrie's speech on Syria

On 2nd December 2015, Andrew Tyrie MP voted against the Government in relation to attacking Syria. This is a transcript of his speech. 

English Votes for English Laws

The following letter was sent by Andrew Tyrie MP to Members of Parliament along with a copy of Voice and Veto.